Monday, June 10, 2013

Finger fencing game application!

I wish I had an android! Veryyyyy cool  android app available now on Google Play.
check video here

Saturday, May 11, 2013

bowie-fencing mask

Just popped in to reblog this awesome bowie-inspired fencing mask from this blog

I havent stopped fencing but I have stopped snooping online much during the last months. I promise to be back and post some more should I find anything worth sharing. tata!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Back with a vengeance!

Home again, home again. I am glad to see the blog has over 10.500 views! It keeps me motivated to keep on blogging, so thanx a lot :)
I started training again recently, just as I thought I find it harder than I used to but it's there. Just as my coach says ''fencing is like riding a bicycle'', you can't forget it. Still I feel a bit out of touch and at the very beginning I was losing at friendly bouts and feeling depressed but it gets better over tthe weeks.
I feel out of shape too, I find my arm hurting from holding the epee after 2 hours.. just like a few months ago.. Ah well..I have to get down to it again.
Apropos here is a little exersize regime my coach put up for me quite a while ago to get me a bit fitter, it's nothing special, just an overall mini-workout. The following exercizes are done one after the other.

1. 15 Situps (  legs in the air with knees bent)
2. 10 push-ups
3. step climbing - we have a very big step at the fencing hall- I am sorry I dont know what it is called- it is wooden and has a leather cushion on top, it is almost knee-high. I step onto it with the right leg, get off it backwards and step onto it with the left leg, I count 20 step-ups.

small break

4. 10 lunges

Now once again I do all the exercizes from the beginning.

After that I do 15 mins of footwork, anything I want.
And finally a last exersize, starting from an en guard position I strech my knees slowly straight until the heel lifts off the ground and I am standing on the tips of both feet, then I go slowly down again. I repeat this 15 times, it's very good for balance and leg-strength.

By the way, there is running at the beginning as a warm-up and at the end the usual stretching-routine.

Got to go now, training beginns!
If I can't win them with my technique I will just have to buffle them with sassiness!


Monday, August 20, 2012

random fencing vids

As I am on vacation I don't think I will be posting anything sensibel in quite a while... Training beginns in September again. In the meantime enjoy a video made by the Fencing Champion, it's my personal favourite, visit his channel for more:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A controversial fight- or the longest second ever!

                                          Heidemann and Shin scoring double hits

The second semifinal match in the women’s individual epee fencing tournament at the London Olympics between the german Britta Heidemann and her korean opponent A Lam Shin has been much discussed over the past two days.

Shin held priority with :01 remaining on the clock in overtime of a tied match, meaning she would earn a berth into the gold medal final when the clock struck zero.
Both fencers took to the piste and registered two straight simultaneous touches without any time running off the clock.
On the third instance, Heidemann registered a clean touch and the clock expired, giving her a berth into the finals.
Confused as to how the clock did not go from :01 to :00 any of the previous instances, Shin's coach ran over to the judge's table.
After 25 minutes of deliberation, the judges awarded the match to Heidemann. After hearing of the decision, Shin remained sitting on the piste with her head in her hands.


You can see the last hits here:

It΄s quite shocking and amazing, I sympathize with the Korean though, the time should have stopped and so Heidemann wouldn't be given extra time.
Nevertheless it reminds of what my coach has told me to fight for every touch...

Guardian's humouristic video of the bout:

Monday, July 30, 2012

The olympic games have begun!

The biggest athletic event begun yesterday - I am a bit late in posting as I am on vacation :)
As for fencing schedule and results see here:

Live streaming links: (the official site) (only USA) Germany)

Best of luck to the greek saberfencer Vasso Vougiouka!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The European Fencing Championship 2012 Legnano

The official site:

To watch the championship online visit:

You can watch the the first part of the championship uploaded here: